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Sunwave Technology has a team of loyal R&D expertise to handle all industrial projects based on the product specifications and requirements provided by the customers. We aim to provide an interactive and total solution to our customers from their product idea or sketch concept.

Here is the standard procedure to provide the turn-key solution for our customers.

Product Idea & Design ~ Conceptual Drawing & 3D Prototype Design ~ Tooling Design & Development ~ PCB Design & Layout ~ Hardware, Software and Firmware Development ~ Quality Assurance & Testing ~ PPR & MP

Sunwave Technology is capable for:

  • Complies with ISO-9001 & ISO-14001
  • Comprehensive Universal Code Database in Chip and USB Database Downloading Technology from Internet
  • Proprietary Smart Learning Capability & Macro Sequence
  • Proprietary One way/Two way RF Technologies for 315/426/433/470MHz solutions
  • RF Module with UART/RS 232/RS 485
  • ZigBee/RF4CE/Bluetooth BLE technology
  • Variety User Interface for Cap-Sense/Touch Screen Panel & Color TFT Screen Display
  • PC Interface for Custom Remote Setting
  • Remote Embedded System Solution

Success Applications in the following industries:

Home Theatre, Home Entertainment & High-Tech Audio Video System

Building Automation, Lighting Controls (RF Module with U ART/RS 232/RS 485)

Food Order Menu System (ZigBee Solution)

Projector Remote Control (RF4CE)

Set Top Box Remote Control (Bluetooth BLE)









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